In April 2022, transactions on the derivatives market increased sharply compared to the previous month. The total trading volume of futures contracts reached 4,053,391 contracts with a nominal trading value of VND 591 thousand billion, equivalent to the average trading volume of 202,670 contracts/session, increasing by 56.68% over the previous month, the average trading value of VND 29,55 thousand billion, up 53.15% from the previous month.
The VN30 index decreased by 5.53% compared to the previous month and reached 1.417,31 points at the end of the month. Otherwise, transactions of VN30 index futures contracts increased sharply, and the average trading volume reached 202,601 contracts/session, rising by 56.63% with a nominal trading value of VND 29,483 billion, up 52.77% over the previous month. The session on April 26, 2022, reached the highest trading volume with 394,782 contracts. It was considered the session with the highest trading volume from the beginning of 2022.


Table 1: Summary of futures transactions of VN30 index in April 2022








Average trading volume per session






OI volume (ending)





The volume of open interest (OI) as of 29/4/2022 reached 30,315 contracts, decreased by 5.16% compared to the previous month. The highest open interest in the month reached 50,878 contracts at the trading session on April 20, 2022. The transactions of foreign investors in April 2022, decreased compared to the previous month, accounting for 2.53% of the total trading volume of the market.
Regarding the transactions of government bond futures contracts, the average trading volume reached 68,2 contracts/session with a nominal trading value of VND 73,1 billion. The transactions were implemented by domestic and foreign organizations. The volume of open interest (OI) at the end of April 2022 was 0.
The number of derivatives transaction accounts continued to increase over the previous month. At the end of April 2022, the derivatives transaction accounts reached 973,155 accounts, equivalent to an increase of 4.7% over the previous month.